Working Group DC Meeting

The goal of this working group is to provide a platform for groups engaged in community forest management activities - across continents - to share knowledge and experience, and provide recommendations for the development of tools, methodologies, and common protocols. These efforts are to be integrated with the UNFCCC policy framework and negotiations.

Where: Google office in Washington, D.C.
When: June 20th and 21st from 9:00am - 5:00pm

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Proposed Outcomes of the workshop:

1. Improved understanding of technology requirements
  • Develop a set of requirements of what people want in a community forest management platform. Examine existing technologies and figure out challenges or barriers to adoption of technology. Define the technical software and hardware requirements of community Community MRV projects. 

2. Better networking and collaboration among working group members:
  • Explore how groups involved in Community MRV systems can collaborate better

3. A draft roadmap for the working group moving forward in a coordinated fashion in order to:
  • Promote development of Community MRV examples
  • Help inform policymakers involved in developing national and international MRV frameworks (including a follow-up workshop involving policymakers and exploration of links to standards).

We look forward to seeing you there! Please contact with any questions.