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This map shows the different forest types in the Sete de Setembro Indigenous Land of the Suruí people. Idesam, ACT and the Suruí collected data through ODK on forest biomass in 22 plots of 1 hectare each in 2010-2011. These plots host more than 11,000 individuals, from which around 9,500 are trees and 1,500 are palm trees over 10 cm of diameter at breast height (DBH). The forest inventory had the objective of generating reliable estimates of its carbon stock for the Surui Forest Carbon Project (SFCP), as well as test the ODK for participatory forest biomass inventories. From the DBH of each individual a total volume of biomass was calculated using allometric equations. Then, from volume the total carbon content was estimated.

The SFCP will start the validation process in the Verified Carbon Standards soon. Once validated the Suruí can sell verified carbon units and use financial resources to implement their Environmental Plan for the sustainable development of the Territory. The next step is the carbon stock monitoring in the permanent plots. Our team and the Suruí people will revisit them and collect new measurements with ODK every two years. Additionally, the indigenous and scientific identification of tree species is ongoing. This serves as a documentation of the cultural knowledge on the use of plants for medicinal and spiritual purposes.

To view the Fusion Table with much of the data shown below, click here.

The Green Tree Icons represent permanent plots.

The Red Tree Icons represent temporary plots. 


Earth Outreach,
Aug 12, 2011, 3:56 PM