Mobile Devices

Below is a list of the most commonly used or recommended phones for remote data collection in the field. 

For a full list of Android Devices, visit Wikipedia's List of Android Devices. Most common requirements for useful data collection are a keyboard, camera, GPS, web-enabled, with audio, video and a bar-code scanner from the Android market as optional add-ons. 

For a list of available phones, click here

For  a Trimble Field Computer with GPS comparison chart, click here

* The Android Market has several GPS accuracy test apps, including GPS Test, GPS Test Plus ($3.00) and GPS Status. GPS Test shows basic GPS signal (SNR) and satellite information as well as your current location and time read from the GPS engine.
** Despite the GPS chip of most phones stating the accuracy of 30m, users report GPS accuracy of +/- 2 meters (9 feet) when using map applications under a clear sky. Canopy or weather can affect GPS readings.

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